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The medical foundation P. Ceyrac

The main place of CMF (Ceyrac Medical Fondation) :


The Pierre Ceyrac Medical Foundation is a non-profit organisation recognised as so by the Indian government. Its aim is to provide medical care for the poorest people living in rural areas and to form people to medical care.
Thanks to the moral and financial support of the Father Ceyrac association and of the Luxembourg government, a 45 beds hospital has been built and was inaugurated in July 2000.




Left to right: Father Antony Raj, Marc Weitzel (donator for the construction of the hospital buildings) and Father Ceyrac

The hospital is open 7days a week, 24 hours a day and treats approximately 40 patients a day at the moment

The waiting room

In the lab, Jecintha

Murugathaï and a patient

Doctor in CMF


The CMF makes itself known of the rural population by giving out flyers and sending out a team of nurses daily.




The nurses go out prospecting and find the sick in the villages. They then invite them to come to the hospital to be examined and treated. These visits take place in the evening when the field workers have returned home.


In the future, CMF would like to double the number of beds (from 45 to 100) and would like to open specialised wards to answer local needs: malnutrition, geriatry, maternity, tropical diseases, tuberculosis.

Today the hospital is looking for funds to provide the necessary equipment so that it could work at its best and to hire medical personnel.


CMF team

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