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Our needs


Financial needs
We are looking for funds to:

  • Make DACA live

DACA's resources come mainly from donations that are made to us, since the Madurai province only covers building maintenance. We thus have to provide for all other costs.

1. Teaching material for the Campus and activities in the villages (computers, books, pens, papers, black boards, video tapes…)
2. Salaries for teachers, secretaries, receptionists, service people, development co-ordinators.
3. Taxes on teaching (Government approval)
4. Food costs. The grounds that DACA cultivates can only feed the students for 6 months, the rest of the year these products have to be bought (rice, fruit…)


  • Increase the number of students present on Campus since our waiting list grows daily
  • Propose training for teaching in primary and secondary school. This project responds to a national need for teachers.
  • Create a professional school at DACA which would offer training in Computer sciences, electronic chain, plumbing and electricity, two-wheel mechanic... The spending would be for a building, buying the machines and paying the teachers.

Human Needs
All competence and skills in the taught subjects or in management of DACA are welcome.

We are looking for people qualified in the practical teaching of:

  • electronic welding
  • mechanics
  • climatisers and refrigeration
  • assembling electronic material
  • programming software

In each of these fields, we are looking for people able to elaborate a schooling program and methods for teaching.

  • Management in development (micro-credits, co-operatives…)
  • Educational methods for the illiterate
  • Manipulation of media tools (video, CD-ROM…)
  • Formation for teaching English.

Material needs

Importing material does not seem to be a possibility because of the costs and the risks that imply transport (see financial needs).


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Financial needs

1. Buying hospital material is very expensive: radiography equipment (X-ray), surgeons material, operation bloc material, beds, crutches, tables on wheels, cold-room, ambulance, medicine…
2. Salaries for doctors, nurses, receptionists, drivers…
3. Necessary means to open new services such as malnutrition, geriartry, maternity. Tropical diseases

Human needs
1. A hospital director is needed as soon as possible !! For the moment Father Antony Raj is occupying this position. But it is so demanding that he lacks the time to take part as intensely as he would like to in the DACA development plans. He is thus looking for any sign of good will !
2. A management director
3. A gynaecologist
4. A paediatrician
5. A generalist
6. A doctor specialised in traumatology

Any people with medical skills are welcome at CMF (doctors, nurses, midwifes…)

Material needs

Importing material does not seem an option because of the costs and risks due to transport. (cf. Financial needs)


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For DACA and CMF information, please contact :

E-mail :
Phone : 00 91 452 6758 29
Fax : 00 91 452 67 08 11
Address :
  International Office
  Mandela Nagar
  Aruppukottai Road
  Madurai 625 022

French team:

Father JOYEUX :
Odile de SINETY :


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